About NeuronBasic

NeuronBasic Technology Inc. is an AI brain perception chip design company, founded in Santa Clara, California in 2017. The company has a global-leading R & D team. Neuronbasic focuses on providing future-oriented and world leading AI brain chip products.

Our technology

NeuronBasic Technology Inc. was founded by Raymond Wu in 2017. Aiming to be the largest innovative Fabless AI SoC Company. Our crew members have more than 20 years experience in semiconductor design and development as well as manufacturing, especially dedicated to smart vision applications.

Our first product is in the leadership position in the upcomng revolution in AI SoCs. Our SoC's independent recognition capability combined with an embedded CMOS Image Sensor provides the most competitive cost and performance for high volume applications in the edge computing field. NeuronBasic is not only creating add-on value for existing applicationd but also enables brand new AI-based solutions in many different markets.

Vision: To Be the Largest Innovative, Fabless AI SOC Company to Integrate CIS, DSP, AI, Neural Network, and Self/Deep Learning in a single Chip

Mission: To offer low cost and low power SOCs which can provide local processing solutions for Door Bell, IP Cam, Drone, Machine Vision, Robot, ADAS, Toy, Tracking, Surveillance, Industry 4.0, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Smart Home and Lighting products

Objectives: To be the leading user-friendly AI, Self/Deep Learning, Neuron, and CIS hardware implementation provider