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    Lighting Control, Window Blinds, Security & Access Control, HVAC Control, Entertainment, Home Healthcare touchless control.Touch-free interface to smart home devices.Robot vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers etc.

Motion and Pedestrian Detection

NeuronBasic’s SoC is different from traditional motion detection sensor; it can work independent and identify the movement of an objet by seeing a real image instead of just detecting frame to frame differences. The result is that a passing car's movement or a tree swaying in the wind cannot cause the type of false triggers seen with traditional motion detection sensors. The SoC’s motion detection could be programmed to trigger the required function once it has detected a target object such as a human being. The result is that the device's power consumption could be reduced leading to longer battery life and false alarm reduction by more than 80%. It could be built into many different home appliances without the need for connection to a central hub using WiFi.

Our SoC can not only detect a single object but it can also be programmed to detect multiple different target object types. The object types that can be detected include a human being body, a type of animal or even a gesture. The control behavior can be programmed to reflect what it can see. In a lighting controller, it could auto enable the lighting level according to different target scenarios - using motion detection at a far distance, then moving to pedestrian detection or even face detection as the target gets closer. Light dimming can be changed gradually according to natural usage without any buttons needing to be pressed. A more sophisticated example could be to control tap water flow by gesture moving without touch the tap, including temperature control. The results are that the home environment's convenience can be improved by using real AI but without the need for cloud based connectivity.

AI Gesture Control Faucet/Tap

Product Feature
  • Touchless – to prevent the spread of desease by bacteria or virus spread
  • On/Off control – to switch on/off water by Y axis movement
  • Temperature control – to add hot/colder water by X axis movement
  • Individual temperature preference memorized
  • Precision water control by visual detection
  • Wider viewing angle than traditional IR module leads to a more convenient user interface
  • Smarter trigger with multiple feature control

AI Mirror Box for bathroom

Product Feature
  • Auto lighting according to pedestrian detection
  • Makeup lighting control by gesture
  • Auto heater switch on/off control
  • Smart lighting control with no button pressing
  • Dynamic light level selection for specific purposes
  • Power saving by auto switch off when no human presence is detacted

Smart Control Lighting

Product Feature
  • Touchless LED lamp switch
  • Gesture controlled lighting level / dimming
  • Cold to Warm lighting temperature change by gesture
  • Auto turn off when no human presence is detected (e.g) nobody sitting at a desk in front of the desk lamp
  • Touchless smart switching with no button hygiene or lifecycle concerns
  • Power saving for desktop or reading lamps

Auto tracking Pedestal Fan

Product Feature
  • Using Auto tracking to follow the target for optimal heating/cooling
  • Keep motor direction with Body detection even no motion
  • Smart AI control with no remote controller or mechanical switches
  • Boundary of operation can be limited to the most efficient working range of the fan
  • No extra accessories need to be supplied in the box
  • Energy saving potential (no presence = no cooling requirement)
  • More efficient working range

Auto Energy Saving Refrigerator

Product Feature
  • Auto light up when a face is detected
  • Colour specific response for the smart window triggered by face or pedestrian detection
  • Play voice message to report what’s new inside by sensing a specific face
  • Intelligent sensing with face detection or gesture
  • Auto LED display response even in a dark kitchen
  • No-touch Smart window triggering

Touchless button

Product Feature
  • Touchless triggering by specific gestures
  • Each single function could be enabled independently
  • Low cost, touchless triggering using smart gesture recognition
  • Improved hygiene by prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses by touching
  • Extended switch lifecycle

UVC Lighting Application

Product Feature
  • Auto pedestrian detection used to turn on and off UVC lights
  • No manpower required for 24/7 monitoring
  • Smart sensing on the device without extra monitoring
  • Suitable for use in public or private areas
  • Prevents harmful UVC eye damage.

KIOSK Application

Product Feature
  • Auto broadcasting of advertisments when a face or pedestrian is detected
  • Auto power saving when no human presence is detected
  • Smart interaction using face detection with precision exposure time
  • Touchless trigger for specific functions enabled on Apps
  • Energy saving for interactive advertising and kiosks
  • Active target detection to increase advertisement hit rate
  • Auto face detection for selfie or feature control